Black Friday

Nothing yet on Black Friday?

Here you go:

I see for K-Mart Fuji 50-Pack CD-R Blank Media, $4.99 if they are TY WOW!!

Note: According to the website, they will e-mail with updates as they are added.

OT: Hey! another fellow cheese head on CD Freaks

Hey! another fellow cheese head on CD Freaks

It’s a good thing I’m not in Witness Protection.

I am so glad I got in on that K-Mart Fuji/TY CD-R deal a few weeks back. Nothing like getting two 50 packs for $8. Bought 800 blanks. Thing is I didn’t really need them but at that price I just couldn’t resist.

both of my local kmarts closed :sad: the closest one is like 40mi away now

YaY!!!, K-Mart and ACE Hardware, but not to worry yet, still a long way till Black Friday

Does the rest of the world know what Black Friday is - Is Black Friday a unique experience?

We don’t have similar events :sad:
Everything is just as expensive as it usually is :Z

My guess is that every country that celebrates Thanksgiving also has Black Friday! :doh:

The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year in the US.

Hence Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest sale even of the year, bigger than Christmas and New Year Sale. Thanks Giving is always on Thursday, and all shopping are closed on Thursday, then they reopen on Friday at a very early time, 6 AM in the morning and normally they have customers waiting in line or sleep outside of the store the night before waiting for the store to open so they can get their hand on the best but limitted on hand stock item. Crazy thing like this only happens in America

I’ve seen an episode of Mr Bean long time ago and it was the same in the UK (sleeping in a line waiting for store to open for a sale) :bigsmile:

Thank God that we here in Egypt don’t have sales like this , our sales are completely different : they raise the prices 100% and make a 50% sale :a

I remember reading that the day after Christmas, the first day the stores are open is actually the busiest day in the stores with the after Christmas discounts, returns/exchanges, and the hunt for batteries/accessories. Black Friday has the most sale items and gets the most PR.

You are correct.

Black Friday is a black cats meow.

It’s also International Buy Nothing Day…

No not really, after Xmas, everything else sux except the anniversary sale. After Xmas sales are mostly Xmas accessories and holiday cards. I worked in retail store and nothing can beat black friday, may be anniversary sale, but anniversary sale does not happen at every retailers at once.