Black Friday Plans



A bit early, but what do you plan to buy this year’s Black Friday?
Could this be the year of the SSD?


I plan on being at work :frowning:



Looking for a GREAT deal on a [B]Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST60 Plasma TV [/B]with white glove delivery.



Looking for a GREAT deal on a [B]Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST60 Plasma TV [/B]with white glove delivery.[/QUOTE]

It’s a great time to be looking for deals on those. :iagree:



Will be on vacation, first one in 3 years


[QUOTE=bean55;2707419]Will be on vacation, first one in 3 years[/QUOTE]

Everyone deserves a break every once in a while. :wink:

Going anywhere nice?



Yes Hawaii

Maui specifically , it is a great place to vacation


[QUOTE=bean55;2707521]Yes Hawaii

Maui specifically , it is a great place to vacation[/QUOTE]

Oh wow, that would be incredible! :cool:

I’ve only ever seen Hawaii on TV but it looks amazing.

No doubt you’re counting the minutes already then. :wink:



I’ll just keep an eye out to see if there’s anything I like. It sometimes comes in handy if a particular Christmas gift someone’s after appears.

Sure enough, an SSD was a Black Friday purchase I made last year - £99 for a Crucial M4 256GB. I don’t think there are any 240GB+ SSDs under £100 even at the moment, at least not on Amazon UK, so that purchase turned out to be a good deal.

If there’s a decent priced 500GB range SSD this coming Black Friday week, I might grab one. :slight_smile:


Frankly, there have been very few deals of interest to me the past few Black Fridays. What I have seen in the past few years is that the best deals usually occur pre-Black Friday or post-Black Friday. I remember a bunch of great deals in November pre-BF last year that I had to pass up. I did manage to get a nice EVGA mobo for $50 and free shipping at newegg for a year at the end of December.


Comparing online for the best deals


There seems to be a lot more non-electronic stuff on Amazon UK so far during this Black Friday week, apart from lots of TVs.

However, so far I haven’t seen anything of my interest, other than an ‘Any surface’ Logitech mouse. Even with this, I was unsuccessful at getting it due to the stupid way Amazon does its waiting list.

With Amazon’s waiting list - It gives absolutely no idea of many other are in the waiting list and if you don’t have Amazon’s website open in front of you (or not looking at the screen) when you reach the front of the queue you lose the offer. It happened to me a few times last year when trying to get an SSD as I’d have Amazon open for maybe an hour and of course in the few minutes I leave the page to check my e-mail or for a toilet break, I reach the front of the queue and lose the offer. :doh:

At least if you stand in a queue at a shop, the queue length is pretty obvious and you also have a rough idea of how long it takes to reach the front.


Here’s a list of deals that might be good. This list is actually targeted at website owners:


I got a book on Amazon normally worth £20 with 100% discount! :eek:

Yes that’s right 100% discount and no delivery charge as it’s the Kindle version.



[QUOTE=Wombler;2711232]I got a book on Amazon normally worth £20 with 100% discount! :eek:[/QUOTE]

I’ve seen this a few times with cheap eBooks, but never with a £20 eBook. Nice catching that one. :slight_smile:

Despite all the TVs on offer, they are being quickly grabbed, with this example just a few minutes after these offers started:

The Windows phone grab rate was a bit of a surprise to me. However, I wouldn’t have got one even double the discount, at least not with how frustrating my Dad’s Windows phone is to use.


No Black Friday plans for me :sad: - me and my four siblings are getting together at my eldest sis’s place in Yorkshire for three days on the 5th, and I have to save any dosh for that :sad:

But I’d love to hear about any good deals you guys get, just to make me drool hehe :slight_smile:


I finally made a purchase - Elgato Game Capture HD.

While I’m not a games player and only have a PS1 gathering dust, there have been times I wanted to capture from HDMI and from what I’ve read around the net, it can be used for converting VHS, so will come in handy for that also as my parents have old VHS tapes that they would like to convert.

While trying to find opinions on this versus the Hauppauge HD PVR, I came across some interesting posts on dealing with HDCP, e.g. for the PS4 which has no analogue loophole. It turns out that some mains powered HDCP-capable HDMI splitters strip the HDCP. As this capability is obviously not mentioned in the product description, the user feedback usually reveals whether it has this capability. :slight_smile:


No real money for me this year what with buying my house last year and still trying to make sure all the things get paid.
I DID however run to a couple of local stores and pick up a LOT of Blu Ray movies cheap.
Got 3 first run ones for 10 each and a bunch for 3.99 but all of the dirt cheap ones are favorites I don’t have a HD copy of.
We Just watched Star Trek Into darkness and I have Argo and The Expendables 2 to watch yet :cool:
The Star Trek movie was great if anyone is on the fence about it.


I really don’t get to excited, most of the products that are on sale tend to be on the lower end of the scale.



Other than a used game console I bought for my nephew, all my shopping was done online. Managed to add quite a few Bond titles on Blu-Ray on the cheap. I did the Black Friday bit once and that was enough. I haven’t found anything in the last 7 years (I bought my 37 inch Westinghouse at the time for about half price) to make it worth the hassle.