Black Friday monitor deals



Anyone have any idea which Black Friday monitor is better…the eMachines at Staples , Acer at Best Buy , AOC at Office Max

Staples - eMachines 21.5" widescreen HD LCD $89.98 1 yr warr.
Best Buy - Acer X203H 20" $79.99
Office Max - AOC F22 21.5" Widescreen HD LCD Monitor $99.00 1 yr warr.

Not sure if any are TFT. Maybe the Acer. Is that a big deal if not TFT? I’m sure these are low quality with 1 yr. warranties, but…

The emachines would work out to $66.00 with the Staples $25 off $75.00 coupon from ebay (.99) Also have a 20% off Staples coupon.

Has anyone seen any other BF monitor deals that compare or better?

Thanks people.