Black Friday Deals: cheap UHD BD friendly drive, 128GB microSD, cheap VPN and more

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We are flooded with mails from retailers and tips from users for Black Friday offers, to make sure you don’t miss the best one that might be relevant to Myce readers, here are the best deals that we found in our email box:

For those who use cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google or OneDrive for offloading or syncing files, pCloud is currently running a Black Friday lifetime subscription deal for its 500GB (€122.50) and 2TB (€245) plans. The offer runs until Sunday evening on this link.

Besides the usual PC and phone syncing Apps, its PC software provides the option to emulate an external hard disk. In this mode, it only keeps a small amount of content cached (e.g. 5GB), including file structure. This is useful for let’s say laptops with a small SSD or as an alternative to a network NAS. Plus unlike an external HDD, there’s no risk of accidentally dropping it or misplacing it. This is what the drive properties look like with mine:


From my experience of using it so far, it feels much like using a large USB stick and no lag when navigating into/out of folders. Copying files to/from it obviously depends on the Internet connection speed, but certainly vastly more responsive than using drive mapping tricks or software I’ve tried for OneDrive and other cloud-based storage. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s as quick as a local NAS with a fibre to the home or fast cable broadband connection.

I first came across pDrive a few years ago on Techmoan’s YouTube channel, as he shares his damcam, action camera and other clips on pCloud links.