Black Friday Deals 2009

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Although not every Black Friday deal by itself means a really great offer in terms of price discount, many items are available for less money during the Friday following Thanksgiving. Lots of offers on digital photo cameras and flat screen televisions. Read all about it in this featured article.

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Thanks for this article. I’m looking forward to Black Friday, let’s hope all the good deals aren’t sold out immediately. Anyone more info on that LG CH08LS10 by the way? I’m considering buying a blu-ray unit for my PC, how about the quality of this one?

Don’t think I’ll be getting up early. It didn’t take long to browse the Black Friday ads from the major retailers, Walmart, Target, HHgregg etc, to notice anything that hasn’t been around for a while at a similar price. Prices and screen size as expected, most of what they call deals are around the 32" size for approx$360, just the names changed, Emmerson, Visio, all 720p. If i’m going to spend that on a 32", i’d rather go to Sony and buy direct from the Sony Store.

Black friday isn’t for the customer why if it was they have lots of items for sale or discounted. I am always doubious when they say Black Friday that isn’t for the customer but their bottom line. The items that should be discounted or for sale isn’t that how it is. What people wants will never be at the Black Friday. I call it for customer “Black Eye” Friday.

The average age of those (foolish enough) to stand in line for hours on end was well under 40 crowd with alot of disposable income (ie they have a decent paying job and living expenses under control, or parental permission to $pend). That will account for several thousand customers picking up sales… after that, it really depends upon the masses of customers who are “supposed” to flood in after the doorbuster deals are gone. Dobutful thats going to happen because most of the stuff that was at great prices already has a saturated market for the products. Most lcd tvs, digital cameras, gps devices, and computer peripherals generally last for 3-5 years and don’t need to be replaced.

I personally can attest to very little activity in my town’s surrounding blocks late Thursday, and early morning hours Friday. My expectation is that they either shopped online, or not at all (yet).

I got 10% off a newegg purchase using live (bing) cash back, my first time using it. It was an item that doesn’t really go on sale so it was a pretty cool deal.