Black Friday Deals 2005

Well we had fun last year getting good deals on Black Friday :wink: Here’s a site but they only have Walmart and Radio Shack listed so far as of today > Anyone got any more sites to contribute?

It’s not even November and people are talking about BF? :eek:

last year i got myself a new 160GB hard drive at best buy for like $25. I can’t wait to see the BB ads for this year. I totally forgot it was getting to be that time of year again!

Why not :confused: Is there a problem :confused: Some people might have to save a few $ before it hits and people do christmas shop all year… :bigsmile:

Those $3.44 DVDs are a great deal! Bought 38 of them last year!

Thanks for the reminder. I wonder what that site does the other 364 days.

WoW, Black Friday is back, a year pass by so fast. Black Friday is mostly B&M only, hopefully I am not scheduled on that day

I sure hope there’s some SLAMMIN’ hard drive deals this year.


For the '99 BF, I ended up going to BB at 5 in the morning to wait in a line that stretched around the block to buy a cheap computer and scanner. After that experience, I vowed never to do BF again (you know what they say about climbing Mt. Fuji or programming in assembly: you gotta do it once, but once is enough), and so it does amuse me to a small extent how much of a ruckus it causes. :wink: But the thing that I don’t get is this: does it make a difference if you find out about a BF deal a month (or more, in this case) before BF versus if you found out about it the day before?

It does for me. Not having unlimited resources, I have to buget for these things or miss out.


I explained this in post #4 :bigsmile:

From what I’ve read and seen on CNBC, Wal-Mart will be MUCH more agressive this year for BF. Last year they sort of took the approach of “we’re Wal-Mart, we don’t have to do anything for BF” and their Xmas season suffered as a result.

Since a bunch of Wal-Marts are 24/7, I do wonder about the timing if they have super deals people want to line up for. Do you show up at midnight on Thanksgiving full of turkey or in the AM hehe…

I bet there will be some VERY good hard drive deals this year - I mean $79 for 200gb SATA @ Fry’s for the last few weeks was a good deal. They have to beat that. I say well under $100 for 300GB+ drives will be common in several places. I’m hoping 500gb non-Hitachi drives get reasonable (sub $200) this year. :slight_smile:

I work at Walmart, and yes, last year there was someone waiting in line for a tv at 11pm. Why would someone waste their night to get a tv about $20 cheaper than it nomally costs is beyond me.

Then there was the $25 dvd player, there were way too many people waiting for them.

I too have been holding out for a couple of good deals on some hard drives, preferably
something about 120 gigs or more. Maybe I’ll see one of you guys in line, hopefully just
ahead of you. I missed the BB hard drive deal last year due to work but this year I am off.

Here you are my Fellow Freaks—

well, thanks to rollin56 (hand clap) those of us following this thread have scooped CNN by about a week now.

(Course “gottadeal’s” marketing staff are the ones that won out on this one.)

They’ve add a few more stores >


I’m also hopping to find some good dive deals soon. I’m kinda stuffed to the gills for one, and I’m also hoping to start using hard disks for my backups rather than removable media. I think 250’s & 300’s are going to be the price point.