Black Friday boosts HD DVD; Blu-ray beats it 3:1 in EU

I just posted the article Black Friday boosts HD DVD; Blu-ray beats it 3:1 in EU.

Despite all the reports about HD DVD’s success in Europe before the European launch of the PS3, it didn’t take long for the PS3 to change this. So far, the PS3 has not been considered all that…

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Sean, does the feature mean one can buy a movie and stream it over Ethernet to everybody in the group? Sounds too good to be true. And as always $ony apparently counted the titles that shipped with every station, so it is 3:1. I very much doubt that PS3 video processing capabilities are close to those of a standalone player, from whichever camp; the audio part PS3 sports is inferior as u dont get as many channels in high resolution.

Ok FidelC, i don’t know where you’ve been getting your info but the PS3 puts out great audio. Perhaps not if you are connecting it with the standard RCAs supplied but if you use the optical or better still the HDMI and a descent HDMI reciever/amp you can get some of the best audio available to the average consumer (and you can get it in 7.1 uncompressed). The picture quality too is perfect on the playstation, if you are connecting with HDMI you get perfect digital signal straight to your TV in FULL HD - 1080P. I sell Blu-ray players etc and compared to for instance the first panasonic Bluray player on the market the PS3 outperforms it by far with smooth menus and quick operating speed, something that the standalone panasonic player cannot boast.

@Fidel I read another article about the community screening. There they said that it’s just about starting a movie at the same time for everyone connected. Also the “master” player can pause playback to e.g. let everyone have a discussion about what they have just seen. Streaming was not mentioned
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@Sam: all I can find is this : Sound Dolby 5.1ch, DTS, LPCM, etc. (Cell- base processing) …and I have looked trough a few dozens websites. Some of them mention HD, but its not clear in how many channels. HDMI is not enough coz I’m sure it also support 2 channel stereo and so on. @Liggy. Thats what I suspected. Guess you do need an actual movie in every device. :frowning: (not sure how reliable the source is)
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@ Fidelc: Blu-Ray titles shipped with the PS3? What are you talking about? I think that type of offers only exist in the US. Over here, I’ve only seen games bundled with the PS3, never saw one on sale with a Blu-Ray title. And the PS3 is a very powerful piece of kit. Ever heard about Folding@home? Sony is not just the devil, as some of you think. It developed the possibility for the PS3 to be used to help on the Folding@home project and it helping tremendously. This project is being employed to try and find cures for serious illnesses. The connected PS3s are achieving 75% of the total processing power being applied to the project. I suppose there are more PCs connected but they don’t even come close. Check, for example, this: and see how the PS3 is helping a lot. I wonder why M$ doesn’t develop the same capability for their console? Maybe they know that it will fry the poor Xbox360 in no time? :B
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