Black Friday Blu-ray deals begin to surface

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We’re one week away from Black Friday, and it seems like consumers looking to jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon don’t have to stand in line all night to save extra cash. now offers the Sharp…

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Want a good deal? Wait till AFTER Christmas for a deal on Bluray. The way things are going, Black Friday isn’t going to be the boon like in years past. If stores can’t get rid of these units, awesome deals will pop up after Christmas, ie inventory time Jan 15 or even returns.

I know that the HL-DT-ST BD-REGGW-H20L is supposed to be $99.99 at best buy on black friday. This is truely a good deal.

Man…wish HD DVD would have won. Last year they had $99 players. Just think, this year they could have been $50 for a player. Bluray is still over $100 which is one of the main reasons I’m still not picking it up just yet.

Wal-mart has a Magnavox player for $128… not the Memorex.

Also, the drive at Best Buy is the GBC-H20LI… not the GGW-H20L. It’s a BD Combo drive. Not a writer.

thats because last yr at this time HD DVD was already “dead” they were selling off the players so not to get stuck
those unlucky people

I am looking for a 50 - 46 in flat screen TV, with a very good price
name brand.please

With GM and other car makers tanking, Dow going below 8000 after nearly a 500 point drop, and unemployment expecting to reach %8 in a month or so, I don’t think Bluray is going to have much success even with these price drops. Right now, having a Bluray player isn’t a necessity. And though most people have the money to purchase a player, they probably won’t due to the uncertainty of the economy and jobs.

No not really…this time last year…HD DVD had just won over exclusive support from Paramount and Dreamworks, which actually made Blu-ray look like it was the dead format

The economy affected mostly 80% up to 95% of the people. That’s a big number. But the rest 1% - 5% or more is also a big number and I that’s prolly what the blu-ray camp aiming at.

If you want the difinitive info on BF, go to

Uh, pardon the cultural insensitivity, but what is Black Friday?
Do Americans have a specific shopping holiday - if so, how do I start lobbying for one in Canada?

Black Friday is merely the day after Thanksgiving (in the US). The day represents the kickoff of the holiday buying season. It also just so happens, that a lot of folks get the day after Thanksgiving off as it is always celebrated on last Thursday in November and gives everyone a 4 day weekend.

In addition, the name “Black Friday” arose as a result of many retailers claims that they go “black” or profitable during this time period that ends of course-Dec 31. Prior to this they were “red” or not yet covering their overhead for the year.