Black faceplate BENQ DW-1640

Im in the process of building a computer from scratch (usually keep a few things but this time not)
except for my BENQ DW-1640 but it has a cream\white faceplate and i need a black one as my new rig is going to be all black…
Its not to much of a problem as i have other dvd drives and i will be buying another also…
but i do like this drive and if possible would like to take it over to my new one
does anyone know where i can get\buy a black faceplate for this drive

If your not concerned with being able to see the stuff printed on it you can easily remove it and paint it.


possibly you could buy a defective drive at ebay for little money. Or maybe even a set of faceplates (I don’t know if there are convertible retail drives existing).
You can also ask Benq support, maybe they can help you.