Black face Plextor 712a

i just got my 712a from dell in the mail and opened it and the face is kinda wierd i could not find a pic like it on line and need to know if its right. its a black face one and has the black glossy line at the bottom of the tray but it dont say plextor on it and dont say 712a on the tray door. all it says is RW in a box with dvd+rewritable under it and next to that it says the DVD logo with R/RW under it and next to that it has the compact disc logo with rewritable under it and ultra speed up the side of the logo. and every other plaxtor drive i have bought has had a little fan in the back this one does not i figure if slower cdr burners had them that this sure would. should it? o and also the pics show it has a volume and headphone jack on the box and some i seen on line should it have that to? once again it did come in the right box and its from dell. it just wierd to not have the name on it and those other things

Mine looks like that, except that it has Plextor written on the tray; yours, coming from Dell, is probably a OEM (unbranded) version.

As a matter of fact, one of my most beautiful Plextors is the black bezel PX-W4012TA: it has absolutely nothing printed on the faceplate, only a few engraved symbols (CD-Rom and BPRec).

PhIbErOpTiK: Have you tried to plug it in your comp, and what does the Device Manager said? Plextor DVDR PX-712A like usual, or something else?

no i havent installed it yet im about to in a few minutes. ill be back on after ill let u know.

all hooked up and ready to go its the right drive :bigsmile: . i got a few of them since they were only 40 bucks and i even got a free one they sent me a extra one and i call to check the balance on the account and no charge so im happy about that also. and the balance on the account is even cheaper that it should be on top of that so i payed for the rest and ended up with a total left of only 60 dollars and change for 2 of the drives and 2 ink cartages so i basicly paid like 10 bucks or so each maby a little more :iagree: i cant rember how much the ink cartages were. woot i have the cheapest 712a in the world

Congrats PhIbErOpTiK, sounds like a sweet deal indeed! :wink:

Just check the label. It has all the manufacturer info and agency certifications. The drive can’t be sold without it.

Also, the 712 does NOT have a headset jack and volume control.

o yeah i forgot and on top of payin only 60 bucks for 2 712a’s and the ink i still have to send the rebates in of $50 each. so they r in fact payin me 40 bucks to take 2 drives and the ink. the wordes of peter griffin…freakin sweet :bigsmile: and that goes to a 716a in a few weeks :iagree: