Black Bottom Memorex CDs



I'm wondering if anyone has tried using Black Bottom Memorex CDR? Does anyone know what speed they can write up to when used with the new Lite-On 40 and 48x CD Writers?

Here's the ATIP info from one of the discs:

ATIP info from disk - Read by Feurio 1.65
Recorder: HP - CD-Writer+ 9100
ATIP start of lead in: -02:43:69 (sector: -12294)
ATIP start of lead out: 79:59:74 (sector: 359999)
Manufacturer code: 97 16 06
Reference speed: -
Minimum recording speed: -
Maximum recording speed: -
Unrestriced use: No
Disc type: Not Rewriteable
Disc subtype: Medium Type A, low Beta category (A-)
Target writing power: 4
Power multiplication factor:-
Target y value: -
Erase/writer power ratio: -

The box says:
"1x-24x Compatible"
"Recordable Black CD-R"
"700 MB 80 MIN - 1X-24X SPEED"
"10 Pack"

I picked these discs up from Futureshop (Canada)




Max mine said was 16X using media checker on a non-OC, true 48125W with VS02. They do make good audio discs for the car though. Not sure why, but they have lasted longer than any other CDR.


hello there !

i’m using the same software, i.e. Feurio 1.65.5
so, as you can see there, in the settings section the writing speed for Black Memorex 1x-24x is unfortunately limited to 24x
and no manufacturer could be defined neither.

To me it looked like it would be much safer if i burnt those at 20x or lower, ‘cos once i simulated writing at 24x, the burning failed at the point of 45’ 10’’

Hope this might be helpful 4 ya ! :wink: