Black bezel for LDW-401S

This is a low-tech question but I have a black tower and Lite-on doesn’t seem to like black for their products.
Any sugestions besides the brutal spray-paint?


umm… sells black liteon cdrw and dvdrw… unless they are out of stock…


Thank you! That was fast!

Wal-Mart carries Black LDW-401S’s here.

Originally posted by dhc014
Wal-Mart carries Black LDW-401S’s here.

This is funny, I actually bought the only LDW-401S my local Wal-Mart had, and was told they only ordered the one for promotion to see how it would sell, and it ended up ringing up a few dollars cheaper than the sticker price on it. It was manufactured in August 2003, and had the E firmware. I upgraded immediately to the G firmware, worked great initially, then 2 days prior to a month, of which was lucky for me on returnability at Wal-Mart it started burning coaster after coaster, switched it between 2 machines, both running XP Pro, one with 512MB Ram & an Athlon XP2200 and one with a P4 2.4 Celeron with 512MB Ram.
Originally had been using Nero 6.00.19, and even tried Easy CD/DVD 6, problem occuring was locking system up suddenly during burning, stopping and just freezing the system, and reading real slowly. Now I thought ok, maybe it was a HD issue, but then when it did the same thing on my other system it was obvious a hardware issue with the burner.

Went to my local Best Buy to get a replacement burner, since Wally World no longer stocked or intended on carrying the LiteOn’s, only had an LG manufactured drive, and knowing their crappy cellphones, I skipped that. So I bought a Buslink drive from BB, get home install the drive, go to system info to get firmware info and all, and low & behold, the Buslink drive is actually another LDW-401S, also showing an August 2003 manufacturing date on the drive label, and having the E firmware.

So I upgraded the firmware again to G, and I’m praying for the new firmware to release quickly, and most importantly that the first drive was just a lemon. Because if this one craps out on me, I will certainly be an unhappy camper with LiteOn products. And the Best Buy drive had a rebate on it, so I immediately cut the isdn # off the box before checking everything out, so that pretty much screws me on returning it if it’s defective. :eek:

yeah im really hoping for a firmware soon too! cause es0g sucks!

u can always get mtkflash and find the older firmwares and use them to burn… i prefer es0c