Black bar at top and botom of tv screen

undefinedI have a question and would like some help-please!
I have nec 3500ag with herries’s 2.17 f/w and dvd xcopy platium.
I wanted to burn a backup copy of my personal noting hill movie. Well I set it for wide screen but the copy has black bar at top and bottom of my wide screen tv. Also i tried copy on another tv (not wide screen) and it has a bar just like the wide screen… I can zoom it on my wide screen to fill it but why does it do this,…i tried another burn and same thing–pluzzled :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :confused: i habve burned before and it was good
dell 4600
nec 3500ag
ge force 5200

Just because it’s widescreen, doesn’t mean it will perfectly fit your screen. Widescreen covers aspect ratios from about 1.78:1 (about the size of a 16:9 widescreen TV) to about 2.35:1 (approx theatrical aspect - much wider than standard widescreen TV). 2.35:1 will still have black bars at top & bottom, even on a widescreen TV, but will have much larger ones on a standard TV.

thanks- that explains it well :iagree:

Notting Hill has an aspect ratio of 2.3:1 so you will still get black bars on top and botton of a 16:9 screen. The very first Universal intro (before the menu) is in true 16:9 though. The Menu is also 16:9.