Black and white

sometimes when I burn vcd’s they turn out in black and white when I play them on my dvd. Other times they turn out in colour.
When I play these on my pc they are all in colour.
I watch them all on my pc before burning and everything is fine so I burn them but I never know if they are going to turn out in colour or b/w.
The burning software I have used are: nero and click n burn.
The burners I have used are: lite on and lg

My question is this: am I missing doing something?
Am I going to be confined to watching all files on my pc only?

I have wasted quite a few disks because of this problem thinking that it was the program I was using so I would redo them using the 2nd program but they would just turn out the same (b/w)

I am stumped.:confused:

open Nero (close the wizard), select Video Cd , check:
1: create standard compliant CD
2: use CD-i application
3: PAL (encoding resolution)
4: store source pictures in
At the end BURN and check: Finalize Cd and Disk At Once!

I have had this problem before with several VCDs that I created and thought it might have been the pal/ntsc thing.

thanks cloakdoa for your input.
I think that is the problem now too.