Black and White: Lionhead 1 - 0 Warez

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kgb used our newssubmit to tell us about the much anticipated game Black and White and it’s copy protection:

Looks like Lionhead may well get the last laugh with regards to people who are…

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I think alle of Liohead are crazy lieke micosoft ist all just jiking i thing, muuuahhhhaahhaahhaahaa

  1. download 2) burn 3) install & crack 4) plug off any internet connection (aka rj45 or serial cable) 5) play It was worth the wait

Some news… not confirmed (leeching the game now =) ) When you run the game IT CONNECTS TO AN EA ip address … server is in the regisrty under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Lionhead studios ltd/Black & White/BWsetup --> the ip there can be changed to (local address) and everything should be fine according to FLT

Is it legal to do this?? :8

Well I personally dont play games on the internet… I have too many games and usually I play till I get bored with the game and go on to a next one…

If you pull the cable out of your modem and play the game in single player no one can do you anything :4

This has already been tried by Microsoft , and was considdered illegal years ago, so why should that change now ? YES! its illegal. Disturbing the rights of peoples privacy. lets see these fools in court trying to explane why they did this ? And btw. how can they see the difference between the original game, and the cracked ? dream on guys, we didnt expect such a lame attempt from EA … fire the people who is responsible for this shit, and find a better way to protect your games. Bill Signing off.

EA has been getting lamer every year. I quit buying their crap years ago after suckass NFS2 that you had to BUY a patch just to get 3DFX capability for. Also, if they ban IP’s, I suspect there will be quite a few dynamic IP users banned that never even had the game. I guess the Damn fools at EA don’t even know how the internet works!

Supposedly if you use a key and that key is being used by lets say 100 people… Only 1 is legit if that person is on playing… But you cannot distinguish who has the legal key?

hmmm… I don’t know what’s the source of that graphic but I wonder why it has the nvidia logo on the lower right corner. So my question is: Is this just a rumor from lionhead and have they put a graphic on the internet to scare people, or have any of you allready got that popup in the game?

Sue me, please! Then I’ll sue you (EA) for breaking 3 of my civil rights. Whahaha :+

hai die hai, about photo’s of the game

quoted: Information Update to B&W SpyWare and FIX [Game] [krazy8@2:17PM EST] We’ve received numerous reports that the game tries to connect to ( port 2611. What information its sending is not 100% confirmed yet but in any case, we have solutions for protecting your privacy from this spyware: 1.) Play offline - it cant post your information anywhere online if you dont actually go online. 2.) Setup your firewall to deny connections to that ip or block the port altogether 3.) From an anonymous email: “The b&w server information is stored in the regisrty under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Lionhead studios ltd/Black & White/BWsetup --> the ip there can be changed to (local address) and everything is fine” Support the developers and buy this game once its available in stores. =================================== Hehe…although apparently some folks weren’t savvy enough to have a firewall running when first booting up the game, because this was the slightly earlier report: Black and White “Pirate” Problems? [Game] [RedDwarf@1:50PM EST] From PlanetBlackAndWhite: Looks like Lionhead may well get the last laugh with regards to people who are playing illegal copies of the game, as Infolder have just discovered. “We have a large list of IP’s that are playing the illegal copy of the game, so we have them all logged. We will be contacting the ISP’s for details on the accounts, and also the IPs that are logged as playing the illegal version will be banned from playing the full multiplayer game.” As said Jamie Durrant. Hah. Good luck to 'em. Lionhead that is, not the pirates. ======================================= So…just remember to have your firewall work for you , edit that registry, unplug yer modem … whatever! Just don’t get caught… Spyware! In a game! LOL… Cheers, and happy gaming…

no way fucker I own joo…classic !! LOL

this is against all international and privacy laws. They could not do this legally. I bet that this is just bullshit. :slight_smile: I just done downloading b&w and Im not gonna take off my network cable for this.

This the official response from Lionhead: About Black & White and Spyware. There has been the rumour that Black & White has so called spyware, which sends information about your computer (registry details, hardware info etc.) to Lionhead/EA. This is wrong. Black & White uses a mechanism for its built in messaging system to tell the server if you’re online or not and ready for receiving messages from other friends online. The information sent is even too small to fit my full name into it. We are not spying on your system! For the people who are concerned about their privacy and security: If you connect with a normal web browser to a web site, much, much more information (your IP, your operating oystem, your web browser, the site you came from, etc.) is stored on every web server on the Internet. So, be more concerned that if you have downloaded illegal software from web sites, the site operator has stored far more information about who you are and where you came from, than Black & White ever does. Suffice to say, if you playing an illegal copy of Black & White, the program is self-aware, so if you encounter problems with it, then maybe you should buy a proper version.

where can I donwload the ISO? and the fix?

Hey All, I’ve pirated CD of B&W, main file is c…d (removed SafeDisc protection). :4 After I downloaded B&W Patch 1.1 (it also patches main file, original one) and I cannot play new version. Can someone maybe have c…d 1.1 Patch ? :slight_smile:

Umm…I can’t view that picture up there. What is it? Could somebody email me it…or…uh…something…? :4