Black and white 2

i realize this is a noob question and i guess i AM a noob… i’ve copied this game before and it worked without any emulation or outside support, but i damaged the copied cd and now it doesn’t work. i’ve still got the original cd and it works but i can’t remember what program or it’s settings that i used. the copy protection as stated by protection id is:

Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios\Black & White 2\white.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 21739061 (014BB635h) Bytes
-> File has 1484341 (016A635h) bytes of appended data starting at offset 01351000h
[!] Safedisc 4.00.002 detected !

  • Scan Took : 23.426 Seconds

if anyone has a way to copy the game please let me know. (i’ve made a LOT of coasters.)

Thank you

See here and/or here.