Black 3520A

Anyone have a Black NEC 3520A? What colour is the tray? Hope someone can help with this as I might be getting a new 3520, I have one already but the new one would probably be black. With Plextor using black trays I wondered whether the black version would also have a black tray and wondered whether there was an difference in the burn quality due to that. My Plextor CD-RW has a black tray with white front. Anyone know for sure?


NEC 3520A face and tray is… black :wink:

In this forum was mentioned, that black trays are improving burn and reading quality, so when I had a choice to buy my 3520A a bought it with black try, its COOL :smiley:

Tray is black:):)I like blue, maybe they will make blue nec:)

I wish I knew that the tray of the black 3520A is black too. I just bought a silver one a couple of days ago from Newegg. I guess I’ll have them do a cross-ship of a black one in exchange for the silver one I got from them. So you guys do confirm that this drive has a black tray:


The Silver 3520 burns better than the Black ones. :slight_smile:

J/K, I think they’re the same.

The silver one is nice, but I’d rather have better burn and read quality, even if the increase in those is very small with a black tray.

I don’t think that tray color matters.
Watch reading and writing results of Benq DW1620 and they are almost all grey.


It’s nice to hear that they don’t just change the face plates. I will get a black one very soon, unless I wait a bit longer for a black 3540. Thanks all for the comments. I’m sure it has clarified it for everyone.