Black 1620 Pro at Microcenter - $59.99 after MIR
$10 mail in rebate. And it is the Pro. I had to return mine because it was missing the part of the face that attaches to the tray. Comes with Nero.

Hm… it seemed to me the “Pro” version of DW1620 costs just as much as the original DW1620 to distributors. $60 doesn’t sound especially cheap. In South Korea, DW1620 Pro is cheaper actually.

I wouldn’t say that $60 is cheap, it seems to be the going rate for these drives. But, there are a lot of posts here about people buying rebadged drives and flashing them with retail firmware. Usually these drives cost $60 after at least a $30 rebate. This is a retail drive, with retail firmware, and a small rebate.

It’s not a bad price at all for the retail drive. The Nu Technology DDW-163 retail though is just under $60 (no rebate needed), is a rebadged BenQ DW1620A and cross-flashes just fine to BenQ DW1620A. :wink: I’m suprised that Microcenter has that good of a price for the drive though and the fact that it appears to be a black bezel straight from the get go.