Hi all I am new here and hoping for advise.
I transfered my movie from dv cam to pc using pinnacle studio then did the edit ing and make movie step,I then burnt it to dvd using Nero.
This all went well but when I played it back on my TV I get wat I call a stutter when the cam panned from left to right and also back again.
Could someone help?

You don’t say what you used for encoding settings, but I’m guessing not good enough. You need to set your encoding quality to BEST, or if you can manually set the bit rate, it should be between 8000 and 9000. Burn to dvd with something like IMGBurn (not nero), and make sure you burn at 8x.

Definetly sounds like an encoding issue. And although IMGBurn is the preferred burning app lately, Nero typically burns without any issues.