Bizzare Result from Sony BC-5500S Bluray firmware Upgrade

Have a Lenovo Thinkpad R400, came with a CD Burner/DVD reader

So, bought a BC-5500s and installed it in my laptop. It worked. Mistake #1 was trying to update the firmware from sony optiarc website. It hardly got into it and errored out. The drive stopped working, won’t even show up and freezes windows every couple seconds. Ordered another. New drive does same thing.

Tried both drives in another laptop and they both work. I thought I fried something on my laptop, but the old cdrw/dvd drive works, as well as an aftermarket lite-on dvd burner. So OEM and Non-OEM drived work in it. But neither of the new 5500S drives work. Does anyone have ANY CLUE why a botched firmware update would make my laptop hate just this optical drive model???

Attempts to fix…
Re-installed windows
Tried compatible and HCPI mode
Tried resetting bios to default settings
Updated bios

All other optical drives work, but neither comfirmed “working” 5500S drives work in this laptop.

The origional drive which failed the upgrade is currently in my wife’s Toshiba and working beautifully.

Lenovo tech support was no help.

As it is a slimline drive, flashing might have changed the IDE mode between master and slave (or normal and reverse ATA). Unfortunately I don’t know how exactly this works on the bluray drives as they don’t seem to be based on a NEC chipset design.

Also Lenovo laptops should be able to work with normal ATA (master) firmwares which should also be the default for downloaded firmwares.

It’s serial ATA…no master or slave…No IDE mode.

Just tried again too, both drives still work in wifes laptop, and neither work in mine…

But the Lite-on aftermarket works in there…

Where can i read more about the chipset stuff? i’d like to understand how that works a little more…

Took a chance and tried updating the firmware using my wifes laptop. It ALSO failed, but after restart the drive still works just fine…