Bizarre Spiderman 2 problem



Hi. I’m having an issue with backing up Spiderman 2. DVD Shrink made an ISO with no problems, and I burned it with Nero–again, no problems. Now if I try to play it on my computer, it won’t auto-play(every other DVD does), but if I open my DVD watching software(Intervideo) it works fine. Yet my standalone can’t seem to load it, and just keeps flashing and saying “loading,” even though it has played every other DVD I’ve made without an issue. I’m using TY02 media, and the burn scan isn’t fantastic, but it’s pretty good.

Anyone else have this problem?


Nope…my backup copy of Spider 2 (main movie with Dolby Digital 5.1 only) will auto play upon insertion will all DVD players. Also have Yuden000 T02. Suspect the problem may be unique to your burn configuration. Remove DTS audio from the recording and retest.


No worries, I guess. I gave it a 2nd try, this time ripping with DVDdecrypter, shrinking with DVDshrink, and burning with nero. All went well, and it plays in my standalone no problem…bizarre.