Bizarre problem with nec dvd burner

i own the nec 3550a dvd burner and never had a problem until this week. i like to backup my sons ps2 games because he destroys them quickly. i tried doing star wars battlefront which is a dvd rom. i tried using dvd decrypter, clone dvd, and alcohol 120. when i put the game in and try to burn it to my hard drive the nec burner comes up as a cd burner and i cant put it on my computer. how did the settings change and how do i get it back to dvd. when i check it on my computer, the drive says drive d nec cd burner. help

Cosmetical flaw - nothing more or less.


hi chef,
i still cant copy the dvd files because the programs cant identify the game. for instance when i use dvd decrypter i set it to read files, and to copy them to my games folder in my documents. now even though the game is in my dvd burner at the bottom of decrypter it should say copy files but it says no media present.

You may visit the copy protection forum.

I doubt you can easily copy titles like that.