Bizarre Problem - 716A and DVD+R DL

Will do :wink:

Okaay! Got the RMA’d drive about 2 days ago. It’s an 0304, January 2005.

Hooked it up, it’s still got a touch of the vibration problems! :frowning:
At first I thought it was fixed, but then I did a test burn and test read:
2x CLV read was fine all the way (Yay!); Previously would produce massive vibes.
4x CLV burn - Started off fine, started getting rumbly in the middle, then tailed off towards the end
6x DL burn - Got rumbly about 1/4 and then 3/4 of the way through…

At full/near-full speed the drive produces the expected level of noise, but is strangely vibration free…
I think Plextor should think about improving their vibration damping tech, because it looks like the drive is still resonating at certain speeds. I’m just glad I’m using a full-steel full-tower…!
LiteOn do a much better job with their damping - The 52327S and 832S I had were virtually silent at all speeds, except for air noise!! (Which was really freakin’ loud :eek: )

Also, the spin-up times are even longer; On some DVDs of the Assembly 2002 I made, it takes 29 seconds for the disc to be recognised (i.e. for the yellow LED to change to green) and RW media has a similar kind of time.
Now, I must give some lee-way here, because I have come to the conclusion that Verbatim 4x DVD-R’s are absolute crap (The average error rate I’m getting is well over 150, compared to their +R 4xs, which average about 4… although just to make me a liar the -R disc I made while writing this is isn’t crossing 20…), but even my semi-retired LiteOn 832S (DVDRW) takes 18s to recognise the disc and my Pioneer 106S (ROM) takes 2s!!

I hope they address some of these issues in the next firmware patch…
For regular CD writing and +Rs, the drive is fine - Just stupid issues with -R media and RW media!

As for the vibration issue, I now have two 716’s, since they said I didn’t need to return the old one. I may just dismantle it and repair it myself…!

Edit: Forgot to mention, my problem with the discs not being able to be read by Explorer were not fixed by this new drive, but while re-installing some of the software I found that Alcohol and Daemon Tools actually did have their hide-CDR patches on :o Killed them both and now everything works fine!

Okayyy… second RMA, and it looks like my third drive is the charm!

Is a TLA#0304, just flashed it to 106.

No vibration, the long recognition time has been cut down significantly and it just Works.

I’m happy :bigsmile:

It’s a shame it took so long to get a good drive, but I guess the perseverence was worth it!
I really hope the build-quality picks up for their future drives, but for now I’m pleased :slight_smile:

Kudos to for sorting it out… although DHL weren’t that great (My drive was supposed to be here a good week and a half ago, but I instead watched it bounce between Gatwick and Heathrow several times on the DHL tracking pages…!)

congrats Cyker, good to hear Plex got you a good drive this time…post some scans :wink: