BIZARRE! Just got a package of OLD genuine T-Y DVD-Rs

Holy crap. This is so weird thought some people might get a kick out of it.

I just bought what were supposed to be a pack of 100 “CMCPRO Powered by TY Technology” TYG03 DVD-Rs from an Amazon marketplace seller. Some kind of used book store, which seemed odd in itself.

They packaged the pack well in a box surrounded by tons of newspaper. The newspaper and the inside of the box - and the discs inside absolutely STINK of smoke though (cigarettes)?

But here is the REALLY WEIRD part. Instead of sending me CMC T-Ys they sent me an old pack of GENUINE T-Y’s. Dating back God knows how long.

I have no idea if any of these are even going to work but contacted the seller and he agreed to give me a partial refund, I told him I was willing to keep these and risk them not working well but not for the full price.

The cello wrapping on the discs is intact but rough in spots, partially torn. I won’t even hazard a guess yet as to how well these are going to work (or not) until I burn some then test them in Nero DIscSpeed.

What do you guys think? How long would these discs even last unused in the best of conditions? These have to be at least 5 years old since T-Y got out of the media biz in 2015, but who knows how old these really are, or what kind of conditions they have been stored in.

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We’ve been running a successful business for over 40+ years (outsourced backups for clients) & because of over 4700+ clients, we bought hundreds of TY media back in the day. It was cheap to buy them in bulk (~03 cents per disc in 1000 lot) & we bought hundreds of cases (each case had 10 spindles of 100/spindle).

We bought them when TY first came out & regarded as the best on the planet at the time (even better than any Verbatim). We still use them to this day & have ZERO issues with them, so if yours are true TY media, I would suggest keeping them & random sample a few from different areas of the 100 pack & try burning them. If all goes well (which I think it will) KEEP them :slight_smile:

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Fingers crossed you are correct sir :grinning:

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My fingers & toes are crossed just for you :slight_smile: