Bizarre DVD problem


I have a Dell XPS GEN 4 running Windows XP.
It has a Philips DVD +/- RW DVD8701. I bought
both from

Whenever I put any DVD movie in it and try to
playit with any software, the DVD just spins and
tries to access and spins and never comes back.

The PC then freezes up.

I called Dell about this and opened a ticket. They
said they first have to get their support DVD Copier/Player
software on the box so they sold me Roxio Easy DVD
which is in the mail.

They said that after it arrives and is installed to try
the same DVD’s again and see if they lockup. The
tech told me he suspects a bad or missing codec
and even worse, if that fails, then a whole DVD drive

My question to the experts here is, do you think there
is anything that can be done prior to the arrival of
the Dell software?

Thankyou very much anyone/everyone.