Bizarre CD Reading/Ripping Bug


i dont quite get this, but my computer (or cd-drive) doesn’t recognize any 27th or 28th tracks, on all cds. i have here in my hand, three audio cds from three different companies, that do work in my cd player, but will not on my computer - only track 27 and 28, that is.

these tracks appear to be corrupt, since they display unsually long times such as 55 minutes or 14 hours for one track. when i wish to play them, the computer skips them, when i want to rip, it does the same. but they will work on my cd player.

alright i have a fairly old computer, my cd-rw/dvd drive is a samsung sm-308b, i believe. this is weird, i’ve looked around and found nothing. and since most cds will have less than 20 tracks, it wouldn’t be commun anyway. but many classical music cds, such as these, will have 20+ tracks.

any ideas ? thanks.
good day.

There is nothing uncommon about it. Every drive has a limit to the size of CDs it can read. Sometimes it can even burn 99min but read back only say 94. Check out the drives reviewed here or cdrinfo/cdrlabs.

ok i see, but the thing is, it can read tracks after 27 and 28. i had a 40 some track cd, but only 27 and 28 were missing, so the limit is well above 28.

I see your point. It does look like some hardware issue. Least I would do is try to flash it with a newer firmware and then try it again. If That doesnt help its time to get a more serious burner.
here is some link:
or this