Bizarre 109D Problem



I recently bought a Pioneer DVR-109D to put in my new rig. On most occasions, it functions properly. However, sometimes it will announce its id on bootup as “Pinnder(sic) DVD-RW DVR-008 0.01”. At the times when it calls itself that, it will not show up as a drive in Windows.

I have upgraded to the 1.17 firmware, but that didn’t seem to change the problem. I also checked the connections and they were fine. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


check the connection of your ide cable or the integrity of the cable itself. I get very weird readings if I am using a dodgy cable or a cable that isn’t properly connected. Reseat the cable and see if this occurs again. It is probably just a bad connection between the drive and the board. I know you said you already did this but try again with a different cable etc. If that doesn’t help I have no clue sorry.


Does sound like a communication problem, So the Cable is definite problem or the routing of the cable (does it sit near a fan or something generating some kind of "etheric field <— :smiley: )

Either way try changing it, Also use 80 pin cable they offer a better shielding against EMI

Also make sure that you or your neigbour doesn’t have an XBOX pluged in the same area as the PC :bigsmile: they are known to have issue with the 109 :stuck_out_tongue: