Bizaare problem with dvd+r, but not dvd-r

I have movies I ripped to my drive using CloneDVD (the x studios one). Anyway, it claims to remove the UOPs, but when I burned to my dvd+r’s, they were still there. However, when burning to my dvd-r’s, they are in fact gone. Again, same movie files, simply burning with IMGBurn to a dvd+r and then a dvd-r to compare. Can anyone explain this?

Now sometimes the dvd+r’s work. I don’t know what is going on. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t. I notice the dvd+r’s go at 16x, the dvd-r’s at 8x. You think perhaps the burning speed somehow affects the ability to skip early to the menu at the beginning?

Well, apparently it doesn’t have anything to do with media like I thought. I just don’t get why sometimes it lets me skip to the main menu, other times my dvd player puts an exclamation mark up. Is there a program to test whether the UPOs have been removed from dvd files already on the hard drive? Or, is there a program that will do it easily?

I’d give RipIt4Me a try, in the settings just check the ‘remove annoying PGCs’. RipIt4Me + DVD Shrink + ImgBurn , they work very well and are free.

Thanks. Is there an easy way to fix the preexisting dvds on my hard drive? I’m going to use ripit4me in the future, but I wonder if there’s a program that can fix the files from the hard drive without me burning them all to dvds first then processing again.

Ripit4Me also has a jump to menu feature.

You could try making an ISO of the rips on your HDD, mount the ISO in Daemons Tools and rerip with Ripit4Me

Thanks. I converted to iso with dvdfab. Seems to work good on burning.