Bitwise operator: the plain truth about piracy

I just posted the article Bitwise operator: the plain truth about piracy.

Slashdot has an article about a software developer that shares his opinion on software piracy.

As a shareware software developer he is, he has a clear view, and also explains why you should…

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Personally, I don’t pirate software just because I can. If the product is worth the price, I will buy it, just to support the company. Photoshop is a great example of this. I would gladly pay $99 for adobe photoshop 6, just to support the company and because I love the program, buy they charge $999.99. In my opinion, it isn’t worth that much, and I don’t have that kind of spare change even if it was.

First of all I agree with Sedreck. Paying a reasonable price for software is very important. People want to use software, but sometimes they can’t afford it. Then that person can either decide to not buy the software or to use a pirated version. Which, lets stay realistic, in many cases ends up in the user using a pirated version. Ofcourse, its hard to say what a good price is for certain software. But if we take a look at good, professional software, you will notice it’s usually so expensive that its not meant for home use. Altough the price might be right for companies, it is very wrong for home users. But since they do want to use it, they will use pirated versions. Personally I think there might be a good sollution for this problem. Make price catagories. One for professional use, one for educational purposes and one for home use (of which the last 2 products may not be commercially used). And don’t remove nice features from the home users versions. I know this brings back other problems like software engineers are afraid that companies use home user versions. But that is, ofcourse, just as illegale as using the pirated version. I think they could earn alot more money this way and people would get to use their software, meaning they might buy the professional edition later so they can make money with it for their company.

I agree. I have many different softwares which I have used only 1 or 2 times and I simply cannot afford to pay the full price, since it is going to be sitting in the cupboard for most of it’s life. Many games are similar. They just aren’t worth the money. You try it, you throw it away. I have however bought MW2 the entire series, MW3 + exp, Halflife (the entire series), quake3 and a fair few others, simply because I felt that the games were great, and I wanted my own copy. If the user feels it is worth the money, then they will buy it. If every game was only $20 instead of $90, people would just buy a copy, instead of downloading a cracked copy from the net. Lower the prices and everyone would buy it, and put the pirates out of business.

I forgot to mention something in my last post. The system he describes when you have to unlock the software for a time period by contacting a server that authorizes the use of it, will only make it a little harder for people that buy 1 key and use it for multiple machines. I’m sure those crackers that can reverse engineer the software and understand how the serial key algoritms work in order to generate their own keys, can also think of something to remove the need to re-authorize the software. And as far as I know, searching for cracks that change the software in order to make it work, is just as easy as finding a serial on the internet.

I pirate software because I have so much free time on my hands, I just think “Why not try it out?” It’s really weird but you get slightly proud of yourself for doing illegal things (especially cracking EXPENSIVE programs!). And the only reason I know so much is because I have ways of getting ahold of software for free. Think about it. If I were forced to buy all my software (Visual Studio Enterprise, 3DStudio MAX, AutoCAD, etc…) I surely wouldn’t be able to afford it and my chances of being as smart as I am now are slim when all you got is Windows and Notepad!

Im 100% in aggreement with everything Baldido has said. I personally have bought many games and apps cuz I think there worth it. Companies need to stop spending so much money in copy right protection. By using Baldido’s method they can 1. charge less by not spending a ton on protecting. 2. Cut down on piracies. 3. Keep there legal loyal users happy by not having to pay for others crime. I mean no inserting CD every time you want to use code or doing anything that gets annoying. I mean if I buy a game why do I have to supply it with a CD everytime to run it? Now i got to go find a NO CD crack which sometimes can be extremly time consuming and sometimes not find one at all. I have bought up to 4 copies of one game. Why so many? cuz I failed to make backup copies to keep my originals safe and they got lost or damaged. As the legal owner why do I pay extra? cuz anti piracy wanted me to supply CD.

Well, consider this: I regularly see pirated copies of Windows / Games & Major Commercial Software (Eg CorelDRAW) but I rarely ever see or hear about people pirating Pain Shop Pro 7, even though it has no copy protection whatsoever. Most people will quite happily buy an original version of it. Why? Because it only costs £90 or less. Most importantly, that IS good value for money. But Sedrick, $99 for Adobe is just silly, Adobe DO put a lot of time and effort into the program. $200 would be far more reasonable. $20 for a game, I know how much work these people put in to games, $35 is OK though, not the £35 that we pay in the UK. (Except Half-Life of course, which I would happily pay £200 for because it is SO good & there is TF / CounterStrike as well. For Free!! )

I believe Baldido have a very good point. I use some pirated software aswell (don’t we all ?) coz it would just cost way too much to purchase it. Well, I did get Office2k Pro completely free from Microsoft… (Technet survey a coulpe of years ago) I have basic, and moderatly advanced cracking skills, and I find it sometimes very fun to crack a program when I don’t have much else to do. (I have never released any cracks or serials in public) But I do also have legal versions of programs and games. IE: CloneCD, Half-Life and many more…

I use pirated stuff for the simple reason that I can’t afford any of it at this point in my life. I am a grad student and I am just scraping by as it is. I will start paying for stuff in the future but when my average weekly spending cash is $40. I think its the same for a lot of people. They pirate stuff in college and then grow out of it. For me there is no self loathing involved and anyone who generically labels someone who uses pirated software as a moral degenerate is a Fucking Asshole. Oh and I do buy the ocassional game if it is an AAA tile

Yes. exactly. i have been screwed by buying brandnew games without tryin them out. they just sit on my shelf. My friend lent me a copy of diablo 1. months later i tried it out. loved it. went out and bought it. i support GOOD games. iv have downloaded so many that now…just sit in my spindle. its as if i have never bought it. Sidenote, i am Eagerly awaiting Warcraft3. I trust blizzard that i will buy it day 1 of its release. Expensive software… My ideology is, "You dont make money off of it, its

, otherwise, cough up the $ from your profits." i also cant stand ppl selling stolen software outside of costs of the cd itself/time it takes to burn. Highschool, assholes feel special by getting any game you want for 20 bux for you. “we make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasnt run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals” – excerpt, “Mentors Last Words” -Icefired