Bittsetting problem -- I have read the forum -- Begging for help!




Got a new 1633sx and I flashed it with 1633S.BS41.stock.exe after running it through omnipatcher with recommended tweaks applyed. Should have auto bitsetting right? Checked with dvd identifier and dvd info pro and the booktype is showing R+. So… I downloaded BookType135.EXE, but it will not let me set the booktype. Where is says “change booktype to” is says “dvd-rom” so I selected change and it says the booktype is changed…but it isn’t. I even tried setting it to normal but to no avail. Also it with not let me select write now or save changes which from what I have read it should let me do.

Only thing I can think off is that I flashed from an external device/firmware to an internal firmware. String has now changed from 1633sx to 1633s. However, I did read that the firmware for the internal and external are the same…

I have had no bitsetting problems with either my nec 3500 or benq 1620. I know I am missing something. What is it!!!..

Please help me I beg of you… :bow: :bow: :bow:


@ spryfly
An obvious question(sorry if you are insulted, you just didn’t specify what the discs you checked were), are you checking discs you burned after setting the ‘change booktype’ to dvd-rom, and you are not checking unburnt,blank discs or trying to reset booktype on previously burnt discs?


lol…they were brand new blank disks. checked with 3 diff kinds ty02, cmcE01, and mcc003. Messed up isn’t it…

going to burn one of the crap cmc’s and check it’s booktype…don’t know what else to do…


ok…now i’m really $#@!! confused. just burnt a disk and i checked the booktype…drum roll please…


ok , so now i put a blank disk in and it sais booktype R+. guess this burner only shows booktype after the burn…strange but hey i’ll take it!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


that’s what please was getting at before…you only see booktype after the disc is burned.


you know…i deseve the worlds biggest idiots award. i guess my only excuse is that i haven’t slept in 36 hrs. you know i didn’t even realize what please was saying until i read your post drpino. oh, i am sooooooooooo embaressed. hanging my head in shame…


hehe, no need to hang your head…everyone overlooks things sometimes.

haven’t slept in 36hours? busy obsessing over your DVD burner?


I have three to play with now…hehe…but i might sell my nec. been playing with the benq for a few days now and i don’t see my self going back to the nec anytime soon. picked up the liteon so i could do kprobe and have a dvd burner for my laptop (which i never use)…


@ spryfly
I am glad you solved your mystery…sorry I wasn’t clearer with what I was trying to say…I was trying to be gentle:). I think this may be the first time I have been accused of not saying enough…usually it’s the other way around…too wordy:) …anyway…thanks drpino for clarifying…


:o :o :o