Best buy has a special going for Fuji 100 pack DVD+ and DVD-R disc. The DVD-R is made in Taiwan while the DVD+R is made in Japan. Which one should I get? I’m afraid to get the DVD-R packet because it a isn’t TY. However, the dvd recorder I’m getting records only DVD-R. If I get the DVD+R brand, if I bittset it to DVDROM will this work just like the DVD-R brand for my standalone DVD recorder?


Definitely the MIJ as it is TY, the -R that is MIT is almost certainly Prodisc which can’t compare to TY. Yes, if you change the booktype to DVD-ROM it will work just as well as a quality -R disc.


The main issue is that your recorder only works with DVD-R. While the Fuji +R are the better discs, they wont work in your burner so bitsetting is not even an option here.


if your recorder supports +R, then it is a no brainer, if not, then buy different -R brand, I dont recommend -R Fuji made in taiwan disc. Go find TDK -R made in Japan, those are taiyo yuden or Sony -R made in Japan, those are sony own media or Maxell -R made in Japan or just go with Verbatim -R


If your recorder only records to DVD-R then DVD+R will not work at all, even with bitsetting.

Bitsetting helps to increase compatability for playing DVD+R not for recording.

What also makes this impossible is that bitsetting to DVD+R discs can only be done at the end of the burn.

So in short DO NOT BUY DVD+R discs to record in a DVD recorder that only records to DVD-R.


Does it matter where the Verbatim -R is made? I live in California, any idea where I can get all the discs you suggested (not online stores)?


Doesn’t really matter. Either get Verbatim -R (Made in Taiwan) or Fuji/TDK -R Made in Japan.


Thanks so much for the quick reply.


Just picked up some Verbatim Made In Singapore :wink:


Best Buy used to have TY-made Fuji -R, so if you have more than one BB in your area, check them all. Also look all over the store, not just in the media section. You might find some lurking in the piles.


I wish we could still get those here. The only Singapour made Verbatim that I can find readily available anymore are the D/L discs. The Prodisc made MCCs don’t seem to be too bad though. :wink: