Bittorrent u/l question



hi could some one please try and help me with this
for some reason i cant u/l … and when i do i dont get anything over 12kb/s
i have looked around on google and i found a site called
i did everything it said on there and still got no luck

modem = GNET - BB0060
fire wall = Zone Alarm
also have peer guardian

and i am useing bittornado … and i have used utorrent and got the same problem

thanks to anyone who can help :slight_smile:


What type of connection do you have and what speed is it rated at?


You could also try a different firewall. I can’t comment on torrent network, but ZA is known to cause problems when using clients on the ed2k network and so it is recommended not to use it.


hi and thanks for the reply

my connection is = ADSL
speed … down = 1.5 mbps…up = 512kbps

and i dont think it is zone alarm due to i have used others along side BT and still had the same problem
but i am willing to try again … so witch firewall do you recommend ?


512 up are you sure? I have yet to see a domestic ISP exceed 364 up let alone get to 512. What do you have your connection limits set to? When giving advise on ed2k side of things it is recommended to keep max limits to 80% of line bandwidth, to allow for overhead created. Allowing the full bandwidth can actually slow your speeds down.

Is your hardware a modem or router? I know you say modem in original post, but I have seen people confuse the two before. I am shooting in the dark as I don’t use torrent, but with using and advising on the use of clients on the ed2k network, there can be some similarities, it is recommended to reduce conections to less than 250 for routers as otherwise you risk flooding the router.

When you say you have tried other firewalls alongside torrent. Was ZA still installed?

If it is happening with other firewalls, then it sounds like you may have bandwidth throttling, this can happen with the common/default ports used with p2p clients, even more so if your ISP has a fair use policy. Try changing the ports.

Again everything I am suggesting is from my experience on ed2k, therefore some may not even be appropriate for torrents.


yep i am sure the ips i am with is distributel
alot of the time its 512 but it does change all the time but it has never gone below 512 i just did a check on my modem settings and right now its at 800kbps up
and 3mbs < it has it all there

and when i was useing diff firewall’s i took zonealarm off the computer
right now i am just trying the windows firewall

and its just a modem - gnet BB0060

and i have it set for (DSL/cable fast) U/L 80% Max Uploads 9

and once again thanks for all your help