BitTorrent threatens to undermine DVD sales and rentals

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     The BitTorrent file sharing program was conceived and developed  by 28 year old Bram Cohen, after having  worked on many disappointing projects for others that never...
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Lets hope Loudeye goes blind in the not too distant future.

Sure, the network vanishes once no one else is downloading it, but these are movies…and popular ones will be up for a while. All they have to do is connect to the tracker and harvest the IP addresses. Really not that hard.

True, but the useage of progs such as Protowall or Peer Guardian sure helps in keeping out the bad guys. :B

Alright, I think we need to give it to them that bit torrent may very well be taking a chunk out of profits. Not TOO large a one, but you know people who downloaded a dvd and wont pay for it. And peerguardian wont do jack to save you from the big bad RIAA & MPAA, the IP addresses are usually LISTED right there on the site, and if not just connecting to the tracker and requesting peers will give them to you. Not to mention that fact that they can always get new IP addresses without informing the masses.

I would rather go to the cinema to watch a film anyway and i suspect quite a lot of people would rather see a film that way too, it is the best way to experience it. It would seem the internet is now the global scapegoat for everything wrong with the entertainment industry.

Very true. Movie files available via bittorrent are far worse than DVD quality, and it takes good ammount of time to download these files. If somebody is really interested to purchase a DVD, then he won’t get an inferior DivX versio, even if it’s free

Yeah, stating that “Bittorrent ruins the film-market” is only bullshits. I go to the cinema, buy and rent dvds, so BT is not going to stop me buying good products.

assuming that you’re using a public tracker

Att Editor: “…Act flailing in the Senate, he may be right.” You left out BE. :g

Well, I guess I’m the only one who purchased fewer movies after downloading. Well I should say movies I would’ve paid to rent and or buy, I’d download instead to see if I actually wanted the film. There were many films I downloaded that I never purchased. Sure there were some I did purchase, but I would’ve purchased them regardless. Downloading definately affected the amount of money I spent on DVD’s, especially the amount I spent on renting. I’m not saying I didn’t still buy, rent or go to the theater. Of course we all still do… but let’s not kid ourselves. Of course downloading harms sales. Think of it this way. If you download a movie and it turns out to be complete shit… you aren’t going to go out and buy/rent a copy. They’re out money. I’m not saying it isn’t nice to be able to see if a movie has substance before you plunk down your cold hard cash… I’m just saying that yes, it’s obvious, downloading movies costs the MPAA. I think they’re not in as bad of shape as the RIAA because they learned to sell a cheap marketable product in DVD.

You’re not alone. There’s lots of times I’ve been thinking about buying a movie, and then not do it because I didn’t like the movie after downloading. I don’t think good movies are really affected by this, cause they’re gonna sell well anyway. With all the extras and stuff it’s really much more tempting to buy it instead of having a dual-blank. Bad movies however, are probably going to suffer. Movies that people previously would rent and then decide not to buy, will now lose parts of its income because its easier and almost as fast to just get it off bittorrent. If the movie sucks you’re not gonna care about extras and stuff, you just delete it and forget about it, and the companies don’t get a penny. I can’t say I feel sorry for them, they kinda deserve it for making crappy movies (coughcatwoman, hulk*cough) but they’ll lose money nonetheless. The movie industry have been quite good to adapt with extras, DTS/DD and fancy box-sets that look nice on the shelf, much moreso than the audio-industry which just whine. However, they are still lagging behind when it comes to the internet. I really wonder when they are going to get their act together and rent movies over the net. With high-speed internet connection all around and DRM to go with it, it shouldn’t be any problem for them to have a service like itunes which lets you dl the movie you want and watch it for say 24 hours before it expires. With the right price this could be very tempting for people sitting there with high-speed connections who don’t want to hunt around on the net for low-quality copies. It’s real easy, and these people don’t get it. They still think they can control people and technology, and when they don’t get their way, they sue. Lets hope they start doing thing soon, until then I’m sticking with my torrent.

I would much prefer to see movies in the theater; however my enthusiasm is definitely dampened by the prospect of paying 8 bucks + per ticket, 5 bucks for small popcorn, and 3.50 for a small drink…:r
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The so-called private trackers only make you sign up to use them…I haven’t seen one that actually has any kind of screening process. Anyone can sign up.

Before BitTorrent: I bought 1 DVD bootleg/wk After BT: I still bought 1 DVD bootleg/wk clearly it doesn’t affect my DVD buying habit :wink:

the movie industry is imperiled by downloaders? what a bunch of nonsense. given that the majority of americans online are still stuck with dial up access they certainly arent downloading 7 to 9 GB movies…

They may lose some cash with the likes of bit torrent but not that mutch. I have downloaded many movie files over time. Some good quality , Some bad ones but if the movie is a good movie then i would buy it. I don’t keep them after watching them. Costs too much at the cinema anyway and it always sucks when movies come out in the us first before europe.

BitTorrent is also used for distributing several Linux distros like Mandrake.

. If you download a movie and it turns out to be complete shit… you aren’t going to go out and buy/rent a copy. They’re out money.
It’s only problem for shitty movies. It means the day of making cheap garbage only to rip off consumers are over. This is why they get worried. And for the same reason RIAA is 10x more paranoid than MPAA

MPAA may think about starting a legal bittorrent network of it’s own for a small charge/month. Bittorrent is here to stay. Who tries to destroy technology get destroyed himself. Embracing the new technolody is the only real good option.