Bittorrent stopped working


I have been using Bitorrent 6.1.2 for a year now, no problems.

Yesterday it simply stopped downloading. It won’t do a thing. It opens up, no problem, but other than that nothing.

I deleted 6.1.2 and installed Bittorent 6.3 but still, nothing.

I have a Vista 32 bit - it’s running smoothly.

Hope someone can help, thanks.

it could be some firewall setting or something like that.
bittorrent as it is runs in my comp even now.
check its connection settings again
add new torrent and see if starts.
look for the folder where it saves the downloaded files and its write permission if changed.

As since we don’t know what file or files your downloading or from what site or what kinda torrent it’s hard to give a reason what is going on. Since you said before it worked. Has there been any changes in your hardware or software including Firewall or A/V software? Those two usually will affects changes in downloading. And usually your left at the disposal of the other side seeding the file whether they allow seeding or no seeding or they no longer offer the download or gone completely offline. So as you see there are alot of things on your side and the other side that can affect torrenting files only thing you can do is check your side to make sure your connectiong is working fine.