BitTorrent site down following CRIA threats

I just posted the article BitTorrent site down following CRIA threats.

Usually when we hear of a BitTorrent site being taken down by legal threats, it is usually the result of the movie industry due to their popularity in sharing movies, TV shows, documentaries and…

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I’m not entirely sure the CRIA had a leg to stand on, but I guess Demonoid didn’t want to find out. Our copyright laws here a really really old, they probably haven been touched since the 70’s or 80’s. They did being in a system whereby they charge a levy on blank cd’s and what not and give that money to the artists. There was also a court ruling that found in favor of someone leaving their shared directory on kazaa (or something like it), and that having a shared directory was no different then putting a photocopier in a libary. Downloading music here is legal, uploading is grey, and I guess demonoid just wanted to avoid the headache all together. Several years ago the CRIA tried to force ISP’s to give up information on users, and that was shot down as well, as they had insufficent evidence to obtain a warrant to do that.

Message to the folks at Demonoid - Get Slysoft to look after the server side of things :wink: Only thing they ask is “Don’t include a patched version of AnyDvd on there” :B

The Demonoid trackers are still running, and like others have said elsewhere, for every one bittorrent site shut down, there’s usually 5 to replace it.