BitTorrent inks licensing deal with studios

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 BitTorrent announced that they are partnering with with  both major and independent studios to gather and distribute legal content  for either a subscription or per-video fee.  With...
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something I thought of after submitting this article: If legal Bittorrent downloading becomes commonplace, the next entity to get some heat will be the ISPs that currently throttle bandwidth on BitTorrent ports…just another thing to keep in mind I guess.

“BitTorrent inks licensing deal with studios” Someone using inks from BT? I only use original ink for my printers :+

Just since my English vocabulary’s so limited yet: ink tr.v. 2. Informal. To append one’s signature to (a contract, for example). from

Gee Since bit torent seems like a very unlikely method for tranferring point to point proprietary and licensed data it would seem to me that the movie makers have an alterior motive. Hmmmm could it be that they may want to reverse engineer. Perhaps they want to transpose bit torrent into something a little more industry friendly. Or maybe they want to give a poor boy a massive raise and make a puppet out of him. Doesn’t make much sense that they would want to have their products bouncing around in chunks on its way to a paying customer
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do i get a price break for being a seeder??? :B

i agree with you to an extent, but there’s a reason why bittorrent is the fiels haring mathod of choice these days. it’s fast and it works! the main problem that a lot of people selling legal downloads have run into is download time. no one is going to sit there and wait 5 hours for a download from a single source. If studiod keep upload servers seeding their films constantly plus you have peers who have also purchased the film, I think there’s a lot to be gained in terms of speed by using bittorrent. i do agree that we may see some changes and tweaks to bittorrent before they’re done though

How is BitTorrent beneficial/relevant for such application? Without user incentive to remain peering they won’t (since paying to download why should they in absence of any credits?), in which case the burden of seeding is not much less than traditional file serving. Anyway, DRM hassles are a major turn-off even given high quality videos which they probably won’t be as high speed internet service is relatively limited in the USA. I don’t see it being a viable alternative to mail-order (either used via eBay or rentals via Netflix) any time soon but I suppose they have to start somewhere (with network distribution).

This is why I stated above that the companies would probably have seeder systems that kept the files sufficiently seeded to ensure adequate download speeds. The users wouldn’t seed at all. The companies would seed…It’s the same concept as maintaining a server from which to download the files except faster.