BitTorrent hubs close after ISP raid

Alas downunder in this sunburnt country ARIA has struck with a vengance in a zdnet news info article "The Australian music industry’s antipiracy unit said that 50 file-sharing hubs were closed down this week following a raid on Internet service provider Swiftel Communications.

On Wednesday, Swiftel–which allegedly owns and operates computer infrastructure that hosts Web pages using BitTorrent file-sharing software–was ordered by the Federal Magistrates’ Court to take down any sites containing copyright material.

Michael Speck, a representative of the antipiracy unit, said a survey carried out by the group’s computer forensic experts revealed a dramatic reduction in the number of active file-sharing hubs. Speck is general manager of Music Industry Piracy Investigations, which is part of the Australian Recording Industry Association.

Speck said 50 of the 63 Web sites that fell within MIPI’s “investigative threshold” were shuttered. " link here=