Bittorrent HELP!

I have changed ISP’s and the one I’m with now has something built into their system that blocks Bittorrent from downloading files. Is there any way arround this? Can anyone help? please!!!
(Can’t go back to previous company because they have closed down.)

You need to be a bit more clear.

Is your new ISP blocking the typical BitTorrent ports? Or is your ISP implementing traffic shaping?

Im not too sure. I rang them to ask them what the deal was with it and they said that they block any illegal downloading, etc…

they are traffic shaping which means the only thing you can do is change isp

That’s weird because my ISP traffic shapes pretty much all the time.

If I’m going to download something from BitTorrent, I have to start the download in the early morning. Afternoons and evenings are the worst - the download speeds don’t often go past 20 Kb/s at those times. But I can download up to 400 Kb/s between 9am and 2pm. :bigsmile:

It would even get to 50 Kb/s during those hours before I configured encapsulation and installed the Auto Speed plugin for Azureus. So stonerwins, I would recommend that you configure encapsulation and Auto Speed as it can greatly help with download speeds with ISPs that traffic shape.

Depends on how aggressively the isp shapes the traffic. Some may only do it at peak times and only limit the speed moderately, while others may just kill the traffic at all times. My isp is ntl and I have never experienced such a thing, but then I pay for the maximum service because I am a heavy user. I hear the most complaints from those who are subscribed to a minimum/light user service and think they are going to download movies all day long - not going to happen with the majority of isp’s

You should always ask the isp about their “fair use policy” before you sign up and if you expect top service then pay for it!

how does Traffic Shaping prevent bit torrent from working at all? Does it just slow down the download speeds? Or does it work to block all BT activity?

Yup, it’s the download speeds that are affected.

traffic shaping is the succ

The succ? Explain please. :confused:

It doesn’t actually block anything… Its knows the “shape” of a packet i.e. a bittorrent packet. When it sees a certain type of packet going over a network it allows it less bandwith, it can give it it so little bandwith that it virtually blocks the transmission of that type of packet.

See, this is where you have to use Encapsulation. The download speeds don’t reach full speed but at least they’re a lot faster than download speeds without Encapsulation. :iagree:

Wacky. I am glad my ISP doesn’t do that. It would make downloading a real pain.

Most UK ISPs are starting to traffic shape these days. Pretty soon, all ISPs will traffic shape probably at some point during the day at least. :frowning:

And it’s only because of the pressure they’re under from the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) to put these measures in place so that they can stop people from downloading. :a

I think they’re building some sort of partnership where ISPs join the list and put these measures in place for all their users. BT, Tiscali and Bulldog are already on the list.

And keep in mind that they are some of the major ISPs in the UK.

I wish there was a very easy way to bypass all that traffic shaping stuff. Maybe even built right in to Utorrent or something, where you just click an option box that says “Adjust for Traffic Shaping” or something.

I thought Utorrent supported Encapsulation? If it doesn’t then maybe that’s the reason why it never works for me and also why I can always get decent download speeds with Azureus.

I know nothing about the tech side. I just like to download purdy pictures. :slight_smile:

hehe, aye :iagree:

I’m no expert on the subject, but I’m pretty sure encrypted traffic can’t be identified. I’m sure some genuis will invent the self encrypting, non-shapeable method of packet transmission.

Time for Bottorrent2 anyone?

Is that what Encapsulation does?