Bittorrent Help

Hi Im Using I Need Some Help, Im Currently Bittorrent, But I Cant Get Downloads Over 30 Kb/s. I Have A 320 Kb/s Connection And Im Sometimes Able To Download Over 80kb/s From Explorer But Not With Bittorrent. Ive Tried Many Things On Port Forwarding, Firewall, Nat, Etc But Nothing Works. Ive Open Ports 6881-6889 But When I Did Some Tests On A Webpage Only 6881 Was Open. Ive Tried Azerus But It Goes Down To 980 Bites Per Second And Up To 30 Kb/s. Bittorrent Shows All Three Bars Green Showing Its Running Normally But It Only Goes Up To 20 Kb/s Sometimes 30 Kb/s. I Think I Could Get A Better Download Speed. Can U Please Help Me

try bitlord! and speed gear, i got 800kb maximum when normally i had 40-80kb!!now i have a 140-200 stable.

Ive Tried It But It Those Programs But It Wont Work. Still Get The Same Speed

Now Bittorrent Has Only 2 Green Bars

Your download is entirely dependant on the upload of others, so it does not matter what your download speed is if you aren’t connecting to enough sources to give you a high dl speed.

Are you sure it is reporting 30kb/s and not 30kB/s there is a differemce.

Side note no need to start each word ith a capital letter it can be a bit off putting.

i only download files where lot of seeds…and lot of leechs.
bittorent never worked for me…now I have 140ko/seconds and I consider poor.

Now Ive got 3 bars and they are green, it used to say “firewalled/natted downloads may be slow” and they were yellow, Im not getting that message any more. I was able to download torrents with Azerus, extremely slow, 900 bites per second (less than 1 Kb). Ports 6881-6889 are opened. But I think that firewall or nat issue its my problem I dont know how to disable that or what I need to do. I dont know much of computers. Ive also tried to download a torrent with lots of seeders but still had the same speed. My current speed is 15 Kb/s if Im lucky I might reach 30 Kb/s. But i think I should be able to get 80 kb/s with my connection

Hi, now my bittorrnet is back to the 2 yellow bars, saying “firewalled/natted” However, I do get 22 Kb/s occasionally, its mostley 12-15 Kb/s

Some DSL routers block ports 6881-6889…try forwarding another ranger of ports and change in Bittorrent also.

Well, for a start, you should try using Azureus as your torrent client.

You can get twice the speeds with Azureus compared to other clients. Plus the fact that Azureus is very user friendly.

I would also suggest not using ports 6881-6889 as ISPs sometimes restrict or completely block these ports.