Bittorrent Help!

I reacently got dsl and I got bt right away. I was getting speeds of 70kbps to 150kbps. Then my friend said if I could get speeds that fast without my port being forwarded then if I forwarded them I could get even faster speeds. Well… He forwarded my ports and now I only get speeds of 0kbps to 3kbps. I made sure he did it correctly and he did. I tried undoing what he did but still SLOW. Got Windows Xp, SP2, Using Bittornado, Windows Firewall Turned Of. Please Help!!

Port forwarding on a router only allows your computer to accept connections from the ports that are forwarded, so forwarding port does not always means faster speeds, just means that you can connect to firewalled clients, this means more connections and therefore affects your download speed.

you say that you are using Bittornado, did it show yellow light before your friend did the port forwarding ??

it showed green

it dont really make sense that after port forwarding it wouldnt work… have u checked the settings in ur firewall maybe sumthing changed afta he did what he did? or maybe its jus the download… have u tried a variety of downloads as mines all set up right and sometimes they dont turn green ever and i only get slow downloads (something im still tryin to figure out…)

If Checked Settings For Firewall. Its Off. I Also Tried Many Other p2p Programs But None Are Working For Me!!

so u have no firewall whatsoever? i would advise u get one… have u tried other downloads at all? do any of ur downloads turn green?

theres a site to test if ur firewalled or not when using bit tornado… if i find it ill put it up for u

Tried many different downloads with tons of seeds. Also, I reinstalled my actiontec gateway thing and now im getting error 10049. I cant find it On google.

If it showed green light , then you shouldnt need any port forwarding…

But if it showed yellow, it means that there are some connection problems, usually due to firewall, if it is software firewall, then it is not difficult to configure, but if it comes down to firewall with routers , then you 'll need to go through the instruction booklet to do some port forwarding.

There are also other times when you might find that you have yellow light even with port forwarding done, usually it goes after a while but if it doesnt, then i cant help you :stuck_out_tongue: since that sometimes also happen to me and i still cant find the problem or a solution to it.

so u have no firewall whatsoever? i would advise u get one…

Firewalls are not always a good thing, yes they can help you by preventing your computer from being hacked, but they are really annoying when you want to do things that involve connecting with other computers (eg netmeeting and gaming)

I myself have a router but i have always wanted to find an alternative so i can get rid of my firewall. To be honest, i dont really mind being hacked, i mean, go ahead and look at my files, i dont have anything that i want to hide from the world :slight_smile: