Bittorrent Help! PLEASE!

Ok so im trying to run bittorrent on my ibook (g4, OS X Tiger), Im using azureus with a Netgear DM602 router connected via the ethernet cable.

the problem is when i start downloading my torrent it connects fine, the lights go green and it starts downloading at max speed, then a couple on minutes later the speed of the download starts to drop until it reaches 0kp/s then every few minutes it will go up till it reaches around 1kp/s then drop straight back to 0kp/s! I havent been able to find any help for this problem anywhere.

all ports on the router are configured and forwarded correctly using the range 53000 - 63000, I just cant get it to work! Im thinking it may be my router or ISP since when i take my ibook to a friends and use the wireless airport connection it downloads max speed no problem, I did look into if my ISP blocked bittorrent clients but they do not so I assume the router may be the problem. if anyone can help me on this I would much appreciate it!

thankyou. x

I don’t think your Router is the problem.

I suspect that your problem is due to traffic shaping by your ISP. And I wouldn’t recommend using ports 53000 - 63000 because some ISPs can block these ports.

You should’ve done a search on this topic. I had a similar problem with BitTorrent a while ago. I can dig out the thread if you want.

cheers for the reply! I sorted it this morning, I just switched my client to Transmission instead of azureus, now I get a constant 200Kp/s on my 2MB connection.

thanks for the help anyway