BitTorrent giving Hollywood migraines

It is theoretically possible to create another file with the same hash value. Simply by generating all possible bit patterns until you find one but the computing power needed to do so is ridiculous, and do it enough to mess up a filesharing network would require even more power. It wouldn’t even be worth it. If you had that kind of computing power you wouldn’t even need to download the file, you could probably just have your computer generate it from the hash, and the given file size.
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Afaik, there has been 1 documented collision for md5 (which is considered insecure) and none for sha1. So sending bad data that matches a valid hash is virtually impossible.

not to mention you might find people that run the sites that host the torrents, begin to restrict who has posting rights to the website.

I believe tylau is wrong in his observation - only hash-type function that cannot be replicated is SHA1 - SHA is also not a good hash function to use.

Here’s a unique idea, Movie studios and record companies charge a FAIR price for their overpriced products (although of late their is a lot of shite products) then maybe people would buy an original CD / DVD, after all when you know video tapes are more costly to produce than cd/dvd’s, yet sell for 10-15 dollars less you know without any doubt you are being ripped off seeing how they can sell the video version for a lot less and still make mega-profits, then again the executives might not be able to buy thier 4th Ferrari or Porshe or the 3rd beachouse in Morrocco if that happened. And those poor struggling artists may have to try to survive on 2-3 million a year, poor deprived people, oh my heart bleeds for them (NOT). Oh hold on they wouldn’t understand anything that has been said so far, O.K. they might understand this “GREED IS GOOD”. Wake up you dickheads and charge a fair price for your products (provided they are worth it) and people might actually buy them. I wish I could own some Politicians like they do, then I could dominate the world too and make obscene amounts of money which I could waste on unimportant material objects. BAD PRODUCTS/OBSCENELY HIGH PRICES = LOW SALES, and they only have themselves to blame. People Power will win in the end.

If we lived in a fair world, Bram Cohen would get a nobel prize for creating Bittorrent

“It’s very difficult for an interdiction company to get in the middle of that system,” said Ishikawa, whose company combs file-sharing networks on behalf of Hollywood studios and alerts clients when their movies turn up on the Internet. LOL, what an easy ass job! All they have to do is look at release info sites to see what’s been released and notify their clients.

The best part is that they get paid to pirate movies. Noone would notice if an extra copy of all the evidence was taken home for the kids!