BitTorrent filesharing - swarming just under the radar

I just posted the article BitTorrent filesharing - swarming just under the radar.

 Savannah used our news submit to tell us "BitTorrent (and other file-sharing programs for that  matter) can be used for both legal and illegal activity, it just depends on the  person using it."...
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Oh, bugger, those linux distribution’s like Knoppix, Debian, Mandrake, SUSE, GENTOO, UBUNTU et al, to name but a few, must be more popular than I thought, especially since 64bit Redmond stuff is back in the freezer for the time being(them texan cows can be real mean and honnery beasties at the best of times/Linux is the required medium to handle and isolate those dreaded washington state virii) Oh well, looks like I need to update the sublight engines to catch this gravy train(han, please come back all is forgiven):S

so wait, are they saying that BitTorent is still safe to use? ben :slight_smile:

It’s (allegedly) safe for now, but your ISP could still kick you off for hoging all the bandwidth :frowning: BitTorrent can consume all your connection speed, unless you keep it under control by using a program like Azureus.

It’s as “Safe” as illegal downloading can be - My University received a letter from Paramount in regards to me downloading an episode of “Sex and the City” for my girlfriend. My word of advice? Use it with caution, because I luckily had a warning. And I also found out that downloading TV shows is illegal, and NOT the same as recording them on VHS - Go figure.