BitTorrent client with FAT32 tweaks?

Does anyone know of a BitTorrent client that supports downloading files larger than 4GB to an FAT32 drive? I know the FAT32 spec doesn’t support larger files, but i’m thinking that a client could split up the file in a proprietary format and then reassmble the file once it is on an NTFS drive.

lol what are you downloading ??? {os mybe} if so i know are place that has os for download but as for bit’s no i dont

take a wild guess what he’s dl’ing??? what’s typically just over 4GBs???

mmmmmmmm porn :bigsmile: na joke i just thought i would help cus 4 gig’s man and fat32 :eek: {looks like os to me}

ummm, what’s typically 4.38-4.7GB in size? an ISO of a ripped movie maybe??? :rolleyes:

but FAT32 :rolleyes: i used bit torrent’s befor {and got matix the game that is over 4gig’s} so yea i dont know when is this guy that posted this going to tell us i am dieing here :smiley:

You can download over 4gig files on Fat32 as long it’s not an ISO. If it’s just a bunch of files that amount to over 4 gigs, then it’s fine. Just no images will work

You’re both correct- it’s DVD porn :slight_smile:

lol…Vegeta was waiting eagerly for your answer…

A limitation of FAT32 is that the maximum file size is 4Gb

If you have a download partition formatted as fat32 and another NTFS partition that you don’t want to tie up, you might let the client download until it reaches 4 gig and errors out. Then cancel the download and move the partial file to the NTFS partition, restart the client and complete it. Shouldn’t take too long.

Or just convert the fat32 to NTFS?

unless he’s running 9x