BitTorrent-certified devices to arrive later in 2011



BitTorrent-certified devices to arrive later in 2011.

[newsimage][/newsimage]BitTorrent, the leader in torrent file sharing, hopes to refresh its public offering by working with electronics manufacturers in an effort to create certified products able to stream BitTorrent files to and from PCs. Expanding from PCs and notebooks into the living room and across new platforms will open the door to new users interested in downloading and sharing content.

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C’mon SONY… 3tb internal hard drive Bit torrent HD TVs!!!

(Or Vizio / generic brand… I don’t care!)


does bit torrent stream video yet? I know stream torrent is doing it but not as mainstream…


Isn’t this what NAS or P2P does already for free in the case of p2p but NAS is a media server one buys or builds to make into NAS? I don’t get why they think we will spend more money when there are already two alternative out there already??? One is free and one just requires a NAS that most can use a computer for already without much hardware updates???


For me, if I get something via BitTorrent, I use my Netbook. Even though my media player has a built-in BitTorrent client, I simply find it easier to start it off on the Netbook. The advantage with doing so on a Netbook is that it’s silent (at least my Samsung N120) and more energy efficient than leaving a PC on all night.


bittorrent certified NAS with hdmi & composite outputs & surround sound audio / optical audio outputs?