BitTorrent analysis mentions efficient IP tracking script

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GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about this very interesting look at BitTorrent. There have been so many P2P apps produced over the years that it was inevitable that one…

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dont worry… with the next generation of P2P, it will require that all users have firewalls, and it will ask users to submit I.P. addresses from MPAA and RIAA to block them, as well as enable high-bit encryption. This will eventually happen!

That ain’t gonna do squat! If you read the article quote the only thing the firewall did was keep the good doctor from saying howdy back to the downloaders. “When a peer is behind a firewall, our Getpeer script can obtain its IP number, but the Peerping script cannot send any message to it.” As far as logging and reporting MPAA investigators IP’s, the first thing I would do is hire an investigating outfit that uses a dynamic IP. If filesharing movies continues it will have to be on a trusted encrypted network. But we have already read stories where similar to drug dealing, soon the network gets too large and is infiltrated.
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If they can connect to you, they have your IP. No way to stop it, you can’t find all the IP’s they use. Even if you did they’d just get new ones.

wow the end of warez, look like the big boys have to look for other means to fill their pockets full of illegal dosh

Ok there are two different kinds of warez here 1. The kind of people that burn software/movies/music to CD/DVD etc and sell it in shops or stalls in streets. The people that do this should go to jail and get heavily fined as they are making money from illegally copied medic. 2. Sites like TorrentBits, Suprnova etc etc that offer links to software/movies/music thats free , you don’t pay them any money and they don’t make any. While it is 100% wrong it is NO WHERE NEAR as bad as #1 So while sites that offer links or host content that is illegal I certainly wouldn’t wish bad on people involved in these sites compared to the f**kers that sell copied media in stores.

Anyone can obtain all the IP involved in a torrent even without such a script, it is only up to them should they choose to go after you and go this far. :wink: Take care.

"an investigating outfit that uses a dynamic IP. " you have 2 investigate to get an IP!!! so if you have a dynamic IP… they cant track you anymore!!! I could seriously see the ISP’s makin some serious cash if they offer new innovative IP technology that will hide their ID to the public… I would not mind paying a premium for that!!!

For newbies, you can rest assure dat tracker owners would hardly cooperate with the police and testify the eveidence they collected; in usual circumstances. :wink: :wink:

@JPWRana- No what I mean is blocking IP’s is futile if one has a dynamic IP. These change every time you log on. I have one, a lot of people do ISP for cable that’s all you get. Other people have a static IP. If I was an investigator, I would make damn sure I didn’t use a static IP so I couldn’t be blocked or sniffed out. Authorities can still determine who I am because of logs that they could subpoena. But, it would be impossible for anyone else to keep up with it.