BitSpirit client? Anyone try this?

I have ADSL and have tried Azureus a lot, but it seems to hog up resources and saturate the bandwidth so I don’t use it too much. I have been using Shareaza which in its default config is better, and doesn’t slow down other machines on the home network that much.

But someone told me about this BitSpirit client. At first it seemed to totally saturate my DSL setup so that no other machine could effectively browse the net while that one machine was download.

BUT, there is a setting under PREFERENCE, NETWORK OPTIONS that I was told about and it totally helped. If you have ADSL, just go into that tab and make sure ANTI-FREEZE is checked. That seemed to clear up everything.

Anyway, I’m new to this BitSpirit client, but wanted to kinda share and ask if others have heard of it.

I was getting like 100+ kbps downloads on my 1.5/384k setup, as high as 135 even. Much zippier than Azureus in terms of progam load and exit times, and it starts up on downloads lickety split.

Worth a look, I guess. :slight_smile:

Latest version seems to be


Hey BeardedKirklander,

I am also using the adsl 1.5/384k, so if it can really download at that rate i will give it a shot :iagree: . One thing i wanta ask is that is it safe…sorry, i am new to all this downloading :o

anyone with cable try this program yet as it is new so i dont think that anyone with nice high speed has tryed it.
ADSL 1.5 is nice but cable is 2MB to 3MB connection so if anyone with cable trys this program plz post up your speeds.

I’ve had good luck with it. I don’t know of any safety issues.

On cable, you may not want to check the ANTI-FREEZE option. Not sure if it will help or hurt cable.

I still like Shareaza a lot. It works great. But this is a very nice alternative.

I’m not fimiliar with BitSpirit, but essentially all BT clients, if you don’t throttle their uploading, will saturate all your bandwidth. This makes it very difficult for other PCs or apps on the PC running the client to communicate effectively. I would imagine that there is an option somewhere in BitSpirit which will allow you to control your upload speed. You need to leave a little head room. NetLimiter is a handy app which can take care of this as well.

I really like that BitSpirit makes it so easy - just check that ANTI-FREEZE option and that’s all you have to do. :slight_smile:

BitSpirit is supposed to be clean ^^ ive used bitspirit before, didnt like it as much as Azureus. as long as you mess around with the settings all the BT clients are about the same (exept maybe Shareaza and a couple of other crappy ones) ive used Azureus, BitComet, ABC, BitSpirit, BitTorrent (original), BitTornado, Burst!, Shareaza, and a couple other BT clients, i would recommend the 1st 3 that i listed

My big problem with BitComet (which is my current preferred client) is that I can’t even APPROACH my upstream maximum without saturating my connection to the point of completely fruiting out my modem.

I use Comcast, and have 4.5Mbit down and “384K” up. I can, on a single upload, get about 512Kbit uploads.

However, Bit Torrent involves so damn many ACK packets that I can’t even routinely get past 25KB (as opposed to 50 or more) without saturating the connection and making the network unusable.

Bit Comet’s solution to this is to set a “per torrent” connection limit, but it’d take a boatload of fiddling to determine what the total connection limit is. I’d much rather use a client with an “anti-freeze” option that senses network slowdown and desaturates… which is what BitSpirit seems to do.

I’ll try it out and let you know, but it looks promising.

I’m perpetually irked that P2P programs, despite being used PRIMARILY by people with Cable modems and DSL, don’t really seem to have been designed with cable modems and DSL modems in mind! MOST cable systems in the USA have 3mbit/256 or 3mbit/384 connections, but you will NEVER see that as an option on one of these programs. Most DSL is 768K/128K or 1.5Mbit/256K, but that’s never an option either.

And virtually ALL cable/DSL have a packet cap - meaning that no matter what the total maximum throughput is, there’s a substantive limit on the number of packets that can be put through, regardless of size. And NO P2P program really takes this into consideration. It’s as though they’re all written by and for people on T3’s. :frowning:

oh ya, one thing i forgot to mention, if you have XP SP2 your TCP pipe is capped at 40 which is really low and will slow down your connection. you need to get a patch thingy to change it, i used this one =>

the advertised speed is commonly in kBIT since its a bigger number, but noone really uses kBIT make sure you divide by 8 to get kBYTE since thats what the p2p program and everything else uses.

Half-Open TCP connections are capped at 10 actually. Prior to SP2 it was capped at 25.
This doesn’t even affect 80% of people.
BitSpirit actually comes with a BetterSP2 patch anyway which would resolve this issue (That very few people have).

The more I use BitSprit, the more I like it. I may prefer it a bit to Shareaza now even. The included SP2 patch plus the bone-stock easy ANTI FREEZE checkbox make it really easy to get high download speeds while avoiding saturation.

I really do think it is worth a shot. :slight_smile:

@ Gurm
I’ve used Bittorrent (Azureus mainly) on connections as low as 0.2mbit upload without any issues, but all have utilized some kind of QoS. I’ve found pf + altq to be very nice for this matter but that of course requires either a comp or a “router” such as Soekris.

Hmm. I have no QoS. :frowning: It’s just me and the router, baybee!

Just wondering, which is the best Bittorrent software? Forgive me :bow: , i am new to this :o

Azureus featurewise…

Azureus has the most features but you need to install java and it uses java + lots of ram. BitComet is pretty good, if your just looking for something simple and has more of a user interface than the standard/bitTorrnado then you shoudl get ABC. There are many nice guides out for Azureus and BitComet if your new.

Azureus uses an average of ~50Mb RAM which is equal to other clients and isn’t slower so…

Thankz DiiZzY and inoesomestuff, ur post havr helped me out alot :iagree:

The problem with Azureus is that they are perpetually plagued with memory issues. It works TODAY, with the current JRE and the current version of Azureus, but next week when one or the other gets updated, it’ll start sucking up a gig of RAM again and/or crashing. And they’ll say “well you have to uninstall your JRE and reinstall this older version that we link to here”.

It’s not entirely their fault - garbage collection for gazillions of references is sketchy in Java.

I have 3mb/768K DSL and havent had any issues with the bittorent protocol. I use azureus(linux version) and can pull 350K distro downloads quite frequently. I have a whole network running still while it is without it bogging down the other 7 computers or my VOIP to uselessness.