Bitsettings and plextor 708a

Anyone know anything about the “bitsettings” on these DVD drives?

I was have some trouble with the compatability of some DVDs I burned on my new plextor 708a (basically, the discs worked in some DVD players but not others) and one of the replys mentioned that my HP burner used “chapter book” format to make the disc DVD-ROM as opposed to DVD+R which is what the Plextor generates. Another poster suggested that changing the bitsetting would allow the Plextor drive to do this but that this was not available for the Plextor drive at this time.

Sorry for the confusing post…just trying to learn…:rolleyes:

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here’s a link to a page that explains what booktype/bitsetting is. the 708A doesn’t support changing booktypes and probably never will.

Thanks for the response. I went to the site you mentioned and it was very helpful.

Will the “DVD Bitsettings” program listed on the above site not make this change? maybe plextor drives are not compatible?


It’s not as much a question of not compatible. The Plextor DVD reocorders simply do not support this technique and although there have been rumours that they will implement it, it’s unlikely. All we can do is wait I’m afraid.