my bitset won’t stay @ rom. it goes to -R in dvdinfo. it was fine on Friday and will not read in my Matshita ujda720/Matshita sr 8176 rom drive anymore. I have backed up different movies using the same firmware and some discs will play and some only spin up, make a few clicking sounds, then they stop completely and are not even recognized in the drive. can anyone help. the discs that i am using are cmc mag f01. i am also using mcc and one works in the the drive and others do not. they all work fine in the nec2500 and my stand alone home players. what am i doing wrong?

  1. The NEC does not support “DVD-R bitsetting”.

  2. CMC MAG F01 is DVD+R media.

  3. Sounds like your Matshita DVD-ROM is not so good :confused:
    Try updating the firmware on this DVD-ROM drive to see if it increases its’ media compatibility.

a person posted (here or on cdrinfo or rpc1 forum) that his nec can bitset also dvd-r! :eek:

You probably need to look to use one of Herries firmwares, 107v2B5 Dual Layer firmware for the 2500, I think there are some modded versions of firmware for the 1300 as well.

Try here…

That person is mistaken. Pls use the facts, not the rumors.

I think that my thread might have been a lil misleading. I was using a +R on the 2500. I had the bitset at -ROM. But whenever I backed up a DVD, it would read the new backup as a -R. I’ve been vigorously reading the threads on bitsetting -R’s. I was bitsetting a +R to -Rom but it was changing to a -R. Since the my initial response, I have formatted my drive and reinstalled everything. It now keeps the bitset at -Rom and am burning a 4.3Gb disc in about 9:25. Thanks for the responses and advice.