Hi guys, I cloned a dvd using dvdfab i activated the bitsetting option to make it dvd-rom and for it to be more compatible but when the disk finished copying i used nero cd/dvd speed to see if the book type was correct but it wasn’t it was dvd+rw! then i used the temp .iso that dvdfab makes when cloning a movie and i burned it with nero the bitsetting worked there the booktype was dvd-rom then i want to my samsung home theater to try it and i only got a no file message. This means that my dvd burner actually SUPPORTS bitsetting but just with some porgrams like nero, i just wanna know why it didn’t played well on my samsung home theater? I’m so tired of trying…

Please help :wink:

It is possible that dvdfab is just not communicating correctly with your drive, assuming you used the same type of disc each time. Also, CDSpeed has problems correctly reporting bit type on some drives.

List your dive and model, it is possible there is a fix to bit set permanently.

As Chas pointed out, this is a problematic feature, even on drives that support it. My Litey 1635 supports “permanent” (EEPROM) bitsetting, but will not correctly booktype the older (purple label) Verbatim 2.4X +R DL blanks. The newer (orange label) Verb DLs report as DVD-ROMs every time. This is a problem for both the VSO burning engine in DVDFab and ImgBurn.